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Selling your personal home can be one of the largest decisions you will ever make.  For most people, their home is not only where you live and raise your family, but the single largest investment in your financial portfolio.  Its critical to have the right information when you decide its time to Get Your Home Sold or attempting to Sell a Home By Owner. Many things need to be considered.


Know Your Homes Value

Knowing your homes current value is extremely important.  With home sellers now using the internet to assist with getting their home valued, there is a lot of misinformation out there.  In most instances, homes valued on the web are done so by the use of Automated Valuation Models or AVMs.  The most known AVM on the market today is Zillow’s “Zestimate”.  It is critical to understand that Automated Valuation Models have some very limiting factors in getting an accurate value on your property. Click to Get Your Homes Value.


Limited Real Estate Data

Many other real estate websites are not Real Estate Brokers so they do not have access to all of the local real estate transactions.  They are limited by what listings are input directly from real estate brokers and agents.  Because they don’t have access to all of the local listings in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) they don’t have all of the sales data needed to properly evaluate your homes current value.  Only a local real estate broker/agent has full access to all of the sold listings.


Valuations Done By Computer

Automated Valuation Models (AVM’s) are done by using an algorithm to get your home’s current value.  Even the best AVM’s can not compare with the the intimate real estate knowledge of a local agent or broker.  In many instances, the AVM’s use sold properties that a local real estate expert would never use to establish your home’s value.  In addition, AVM’s do not have the ability to discriminate many factors such as unique amenities, property condition, school information, flood zone, local trends and many other factors that ultimately affect your homes current value.


A Variety of Home Valuation Options

First Source Realty offers a variety of Home Valuation options.  We offer our Real Estate Area Report which will give true MLS data on the most recent Active and Sold Properties that surround your house.  To get the most recent Active and Sold Properties around your home, just click the button!


Detailed Property Report

First Source Realty also offers a Detailed Property Report with a plethora of real estate information on almost any property in the Greater New Orleans area.  Our Detailed Property Report has critical information such as:

Tax Information
Neighborhood Data & Statistics
Previous Sales
Flood Zones
Potential Comparable Properties
Ownership Information
Over 15 Pages of Real Estate Information!


Click to receive your No Obligation Detailed Property Report


Full Property Valuation

If you want the most accurate property valuation, you will want a licensed REALTOR to review all the specific details of your home and search for comparable Active, Sold, Expired and Withdrawn listings from the MLS.  Upon finding the appropriate, comparable data, our licensed real estate agents will make price adjustments to the comparable properties to bring them as close to your home as possible.  Once the “adjustments” have been made, we will review current real estate statistics and sales trends and apply any applicable overall adjustments. Finally, you will be delivered an extremely accurate opinion of value on your property that will stand up against any scrutiny of even the best appraiser.  If you want a true value of your home, this is your best option.

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Someone You Can Trust

Selling a home can be a complicated and stressful process.  There is no room for error as the stakes are very high.  Even the smallest oversight on a binding real estate contract can cost your thousands of dollars.  Even if you have sold a handful of homes yourself, you need a real estate expert that stays abreast of the most recent changes in real estate law.  Our real estate agents at First Source Realty sell multiple homes each and every month and have seen just about everything when it comes to a real estate transaction.  It’s important that you have someone that you can trust when selling your home, someone that you can rely on for professional and accurate information and security.

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Detailed Property Report

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